About me

I have spent the last decade using a range of techniques to explore wonderful, beautiful and complex materials.  My interests have encompassed strange magnetic phenomena in ceramics and nanoparticles, working with a temperamental cryogenically cooled superconducting magnet, exploring material structures at the super bright French and Japanese X-ray sources, developing optics and detecting nuclear and radiological materials. Some of the materials I’ve studied may even find their way into future fridges or hips.

I am a lecturer in Applied Nuclear Physics at the University of Surrey, for my academic interests please see my University webpage here. I tweet @Dr_CST and blog here! When I’m not in the lab doing science I love chatting about it – click here for my latest talks. Plus videos and radio. Some examples of my life outside the lab…

If you would like to chat about a future event please drop me a line via my contact page.