Science Talks

Some of the lovely groups I have spoken for:


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  • 20th May 2019 It was fun to be back hosting an evening of science as part of Pint of Science 2019from Brexit to Bugs!
  • April 2019 Fun night with the Civil Service Motoring Association Farnborough Group from space balloons to balloon animals!
  • 25th March 2019 I was delighted to be part of the Maxwell Society 2018-19 KCL Lecture Series – we had a fun evening exploring adventures within spheres!
  • 14th December 2018: This was an opportunity for Year 9-13 students to visit Surrey and hear some cool science! Inspirational Physics
  • 18th July 2018:  Bright Club was part of Guildford Fringe 2018 for the first time. We had a lot of laughs at BBC Surrey Radio, I may have rapped to the Fresh Prince of Nuclear Physics…
  • 3rd July 2018: Brilliant audience at the Surrey Doctoral College Conference where I led a lecture/conversation on “Giving a talk the fun way”.
  • 14th-16th May 2018: Amazing three days at Guildford Pint of Science.  I had a great night speaking as part of 3 physicists walk into a bar…” Plus two nights of fun MC’ing …blog post to follow! As always the audience make it, so thanks to all those who came.
  • 9-18 March 2018: Three schools | students aged 9-15 years |lovely teachers | atomic physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter, space balloons, cosmic rays | minimal motorway queues | awesome British Science Week 2018
  • 7th March 2018:  Enjoyed it so much I had a second go at Bright Club Guildford! It was a real laugh to give stand-up another go.
  • January 2018: Massive thanks to the Hartley Wintney WI branch, I had a fantastic evening eating cake and talking all things atomic physics.
  • 29th November 2017: I had such a good time at my first Bright  Club Guildford  Find out if I got a laugh in this blog post!
  • 31st October 2017: For Dark Matter Day Surrey University hosted Seeing the Unseen. I joined in the fun chatting about hidden contraband. Lovely to talk science with so many people on a spooky night!
  • 30th July 2017: So much summer fun at the WOMAD festival, loved being part of the Physics Pavillion. Maybe less mud next year?
  • 2017: I had a great evening with the Blackmoor and Whitehill WI thank you for the invitation, you were all so welcoming!
  • 26th Nov 2016: Wonderful morning at the Festival of Physics in Exeter, hosted by the South West Branch of the Intitute of Physics. Great audience, brilliant questions and a lovely room!
  • 28th and 29th Oct 2016: NERCs Into The Blue was a brilliant week of interactive environmental science. Speaking about space balloons under the wings of Concorde was pretty special!
  • 12th Aug 2016: Great evening at the Bishop’s Stortford Cafe Scientifique. Lovely audience and great conversations over coffee.
  • 30th July 2016: workshop trainer and evening show co-host at the London International Youth Science Forum Famelab style night, super well done to all the excellent student scientists who braved the stage!
  • 21st April 2015: Milton Keynes Institute of Physics public lecture
  • 18th March 2015: London Institute of Physics public lecture
  •  February 2015: Women’s Institute Evening Talk WI Flyers (Farnborough)
  • 14th October 2014: University of Warwick Institute of Physics public lecture
  • 15th September 2014: South East Branch, Institute of Physics public lecture
  •  30th July 2014: Imperial College London, London International Youth Science Forum. British Council evening event.
  • June 2014: Local Primary School Science Week, Opening assembly and fun activities.